It is fun to go on backpacking trips. But it will be so much fun to travel on ultra-light backpacks. Not many people know the way to travel light. This is the reason why most people end up lifting heavy weights on their back. Now, here are some useful backpacking tips to help you go ultra-light without compromising your needs.

1) Take only necessary items

It can be difficult to decide what you really need, and what you do not need. Plan properly the quantity of shirts, pants, underwear and socks needed according to the number of days for your stay. If you need to bring a dictionary, buy a pocket dictionary instead.

2) Make a List

Plan everything ahead. Make a list of the things you need take along and pack days before you depart. Avoid last minute preparation because when you pack in a hurry, you will tend to take unnecessary things along.

3) Share weight

If you are traveling with a companion, share the weight you both will be carrying. For example, take one tent instead of two. You can also share your shampoo, toothpaste and cooking gear.

4) Choose light bag

Buy a light-weighted bag. Heavier does not necessarily mean sturdier. Take time to choose the best backpack you can afford. This is indeed a very important and useful backpacking tip.

5) Limited capacity

Avoid buying a bag with huge capacity. It will tempt you to fill it up to the max. Plus, it might be difficult to handle bulky, half-filled backpacks.

6) Remove unnecessary gears

Remove the hip belt because it is an unnecessary weight that you have to carry along. You can also remove the sternum strap and other tags from the bag to make it lighter. Try to be creative and less fussy when you go on backpacking trips. Learn to improvise and you will find these trips fun.

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