We all know that anyone visiting the outdoors is looking for the best spot where they can have fun and have a memorable experience that will last. Surely, an ideal outdoor adventure that they are looking forward to should also serve as a great bonding moment with friends, family members and loved ones.

However there is one vacation spot that will give you different experiences when you visit it over and over again; that is the Utah white water rafting trip; the trip offers marvelous whitewater rafting adventures that is sure to give a whole new outdoor experience.

For you and your friends, family members and loved ones to truly enjoy the whitewater rafting in the Utah white water rafting trip, here are some tips on where to go when you are planning to go there.

These where to go outdoor tips will surely give your whitewater rafting urge to go and try the Utah white water rafting trips with your friends and family members.

o Lodore Canyon, you will experience a 44-mile trip that starts at the “Gates of Lodore” where two 800-foot buttresses that sets the mark of the beginning of a series of canyons. Then experience the whitewater rafting at the Disaster Falls, Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile that will truly make your Utah white water rafting trip memorable.

o Yampa River Rafting, experience the last undammed river in the river system. It is also rated to be the 10 biggest drops in the country today.

o Idaho Rafting, this is a spot that is refreshingly empty in any highway map. It also has the second deepest canyon in Northern America. The river has translucent emerald water, which responds to the drop and irregularities of its river bottom, and it forms over forty rapids. This will give you a first class whitewater on each day of the trip.

o Grand Canyon Rafting, this outdoor spot offers unparalleled beauty and breathtaking whitewater experience to anyone who dares to conquer it. The place also offers or boasts 150 rapids that include some of the wildest whitewater in Northern America.

o Westwater Canyon, it has a wilderness canyon that is so stunningly beautiful that you’ll have no doubt but to leave the world behind. Also you will see eighteen to fifty miles of the finest beaches, side canyons, and campsites.

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